Tuesday, 2 April 2013

This blog.

I've started writing this blog as a tool to help me in my job. I am really fortunate to be teaching a small group of children with significant special needs, and disabilities. It is fascinating working out ways to help them develop, and huge fun turning that into playful activities that they will really enjoy, and I think, if I write down some of the things that occur to me and the things I mull over it will help me develop my ideas and get better at what I am doing.

I can't put pictures up of the children, except this one which has appeared in the local newspaper and on their website. This is my previous class. In the autumn 2012 all 5 classes moved to new locations, as as that happened I moved to a new group slightly nearer to home. This was our open day, so this posed shot has all of us staff, managers and the local Mayor lined up along the back, with our lovely families in the front. It features one of our favourite pieces of equipment, the tuff spot.

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